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Here Are 5 Things That Men Find Attractive – Master Them and He Will Be Yours!

Here are the 5 tips you need to make any own custom lashes notice you! Follow them and prepare to be bombarded with date offers!

Tip 1… Highlight your features with the right make-up

own custom lashes
own custom lashes

Ctiat : Men do NOT like women who plaster themselves in make-up! You may feel more confident with 5 coats of mascara & 2 pairs of fake own custom lashes on, but he WILL NOT feel the same. Most men will agree that they prefer women who are naturally beautiful. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying you have to forgo make-up altogether, but that you should always adopt a “less is more” attitude. For example… Glowing skin, soft own custom lashes pouty lips and delicately lined eyes sound great don’t they? “Tonnes of slap” does not!!! Master a simple make-up routine and you will win him over.

Tip 2… Your clothes

Men don’t like anything too “in fashion”. You may love zebra-print worn with neon-pink, but he will hate it! You really cannot go wrong with a nice top, skinny jeans and heels when out at night. Steer clear of anything too low-cut, too see-through & too tight!!

Tip 3… Confidence is key

Walking into a room with your head held high – even if you’re by yourself – will make any man notice you. Likewise, being able to hold your own in a conversation is also a big plus!

Tip 4… Your hair

Just like make-up and clothes, your hair is another thing that men notice. Men HATE running their fingers through your hair only to discover that most of it isn’t yours! If your hair is short, make the most of it with a great cut, fabulous smelling shampoo & conditioner and maybe a small accessory. Men love long hair on a woman, but only if it’s her own; )

Tip 5… A great smile

own custom lashes
own custom lashes

If you flash a winning smile his way, how can he resist you? A great smile goes a long way in getting what you want: )

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