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Fancy Hen Night Party

Even if you don’t plan a themed hen party, all hen parties have by their very nature an implicit theme, namely your looking incredibly hot. And for that, you definitely have to help nature with heavy make-up, lots of vivid red lipstick, false label 3d mink eye lashes and, if hair extensions would be too inconvenient and expensive, long wigs and, last but not least, false nails, if yours are not long enough to allow some vibrantly colored nail varnishes make a sexy statement.


label 3d mink eye lashes
label 3d mink eye lashes

You ctiat need to see the movie ‘Memoirs of a Geisha’ to know how make-up and other accessories added to beautiful costumes can transform you promptly into a dream-like appearance. You can witness that every day in front of your mirror, after preparing yourself for getting out to work or entertainment. Just that on this special occasion, you’ll have more of everything, like in expressionist or silent movies, in which the actors were helped as it were by some heavy make-up to express their feelings, when words were not an option.

After all, if we are to believe the movie ‘The Black Swan’, in any of us, however gracious, innocent or disinterested we would be, there is a black swan hidden, with a voracious sexual appetite, morbid and immoral. Well, mutatis label 3d mink eye lashes, this is your ‘black swan’ night, on which, by tradition, you are allowed to be visceral, seductive and lascivious.

And what else, besides the said make-up, could do it, if not as much transparency as possible, that allowed, for instance, by sheer tights and mini-skirts? And, of course, nothing could be more ‘mini’ than a fancy dress, namely a black tutu, which, if accompanied by some black feather fallen angel wings, would also reflect perfectly the black swan associations. And don’t worry: you don’t need to lose weight, learn ballet steps or kill that pure, white, virginal part of yours, like in the said movie, but just to postpone showing it for another occasion – your wedding party. Then even the most immaculate white tutu won’t do, because you’ll be expected to look formally beautiful, in a long wedding gown.

For now, though, for having nasty fun, you need to look fabulous in another way, the most casual one, and, as such, showing your gorgeous legs and arms and improving your features with expertly used make-up and other hen party label 3d mink eye lashes is the best you can do.

label 3d mink eye lashes
label 3d mink eye lashes

The luxurious fancy dress  is beautifully label 3d mink eye lashes and comes in various sizes so that you can find the perfect fit for you.


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