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Breast Cancer Mums – Why Chemo Can Be Liberating

Battling breast eyelash company in qingdao can leave a woman feeling as though her very femininity is being attacked. Fighting breast cancer as a mum to young young or teenage kids throws up a multitude of other issues and worries that do not impact a woman with either grown up children or none at all. Yet in the midst of all these challenges, you may discover the freedom to truly be yourself.

Before breast cancer, I was a Mum who still liked to be ‘Yum’. I always wore mascara and loved my long hair and designer jeans. I enjoyed looking good and could not imagine a day when this would change. Cue a diagnosis of breast cancer and my world literally tilted on its axis. I was 43 and living 4000 miles from home. My kids were only three and seven and my husband was working offshore and was not contactable.

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Ctiat my head around surgery was tough. When I was told I needed chemo, I did not know how I would cope. As a mother to young kids my worries were magnified as I wrestled with the very real possibility I might die and leave my children to grow up without a mother. I did not know how I would manage to take care of them while I was sick and agonized over what to do.

In the event, my journey battling breast cancer taught me some powerful lessons. Not least was that whilst I still want to look and feel attractive, the world will not end if I do not always look my best. When you lose your hair and have no eyelash company in qingdao, its hard to be vain. When a mastectomy removes parts of your body, then there is no choice but to accept the inevitable and move on. When a brush with death is a whisper away, then as a mother I appreciate the simple fact of being alive to raise my children.

So chemo can liberate in a way. It strips you bare and pushes both your mind and body to its very limits. Yet the very experience of surviving this is so empowering, it creates an inner strength previously unimaginable.

I learnt some invaluable things about how to survive as a breast cancer mum. The most important is that you need to build your mental toughness in order to cope. Young children will challenge your reserves but inevitably they will be your reason to keep on fighting. On days when you feel you cannot go on, hold your child close and you will find a way through. When friends ask if they can help, say yes! And be specific, ask for freezer meals, help with the shopping or someone to do the school run.

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eyelash company in qingdao

One third of all women diagnosed with breast cancer will have school age children or younger, so you are not alone. Whilst we grieve for all that breast cancer takes from us, let us count our blessings for the good things we have learnt from our journey, not least the fact we are alive and well enough to raise our kids today.

Briony Jenkins is a Breast Cancer Mum who survived a bi-lateral eyelash company in qingdao, reconstruction and chemo. She is a freelance journalist and writer who specialises in parenting, pregnancy, womens issues, lifestyle and breast cancer.

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