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Sultry and Really Long 3d mink fur eyelash

It all started with my friend Cindy’s obsession with having really long 3d mink fur eyelash. She used to be joked all the time because of her short lashes. It was just the reality that she had to live with, since there really are persons with short lashes, and we can only make it appear full by using eyeliners. We were not good at using false eyelashes; they really looked fake because we were not the kind of girls who would typically have those things.

Ctiat however, it was a different story with Cindy. Way back, she has not stopped discovering ways to make her 3d mink fur eyelash long. Cindy heard that cutting your lashes will make it longer and true enough, snip away she did. She wore shades for many weeks after that. She tried tinting it, thinking that it will stimulate other lashes to grow and at the same time make it look darker. That also failed.

3d mink fur eyelash
3d mink fur eyelash

She then tried natural remedies in her attempt to make longer 3d mink fur eyelash. She was not really into waiting for a long time to get results, but we encouraged her to go on. Somehow, it showed good results. Cindy used olive oil, castor oil, sweet almond oil and Vaseline nightly; she puts it on a ball of cotton and rubs a good amount on her lashes, making sure not to rub it inside her eyes. She then gently massages it on the upper eyelid and then to the lower eyelid, making sure that only a small dab of the oil is used. And to her happy surprise, her lashes started growing longer and fuller.

But it did not end there. She thinks her lashes still have big possibilities to grow. So she made several researches to find ways on gaining longer eyelashes. Finally, she discovered that guarantees lusher, fuller and longer eyelashes in as short as three weeks. The eyelash conditioner was said to have been discovered accidentally with the side effect of the treatment for glaucoma, a drug called lumigan. Its ingredients, Latanoprost and Bimatoprost, caused the 3d mink fur eyelash to grow longer, thicker and darker. It was real good news for women. Since then, eyelash conditioners became a big hit in the cosmetic world. The good thing about it, as Cindy smilingly says, is that it works well.

3d mink fur eyelash
3d mink fur eyelash

We all thought Cindy was just crazy, passionately pursuing things like having really long 3d mink fur eyelash. But you know what? We are thankful she did. Now all of her girlfriends are gaining a lot from it, including me.

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